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Business Survey Results and How a Virtual Receptionist Could Help

3rd August 2010:

In July 2010 the Midlothian and East Lothian Chamber of Commerce carried out a study on holiday working practices.

They found that 56% of businesses said they felt it was more difficult to get in touch with their customers and suppliers during the summer months and 54% felt going on holiday themselves would affect their business. 50% admitted they would answer their business phone every day whilst on holiday (and 12% would even attend meetings whilst on vacation). At least 68% agreed they did make some changes to their working practices whilst on holiday (however the remaining 32% worked throughout their family vacations!).

A virtual receptionist service doesn't take holidays and your business should not suffer for the fact that you have. The survey found that 56% of those questioned thought it was harder to get in touch with their customers or suppliers- that's over half! Our service would ensure that there is no break in your customer service satisfaction.

Connect have found that many of our clients that first used our service for short term or holiday cover, actually continue to use the service on a permanent basis when they get back as they can instantly see the benefit of being released from the constant phonecalls and interruptions.

Maternity Cover

The service doesn't only have to be employed because "the boss" is away on holiday, we have many clients who come back to us year after year because the clients full time receptionist is off and they still require someone to "man the phones". We recently had a client in Sheffield who employed us as their receptionist was taking 10 months of maternity leave, after the birth of her son she decided that she could only work part time and our client has continued using the service in the afternoons only.

We offer all new enquiries a one week, free trial of our services- click here to apply online now or call us on 0845 122 6564


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