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Telephone Answering

Your virtual receptionists can answer as many or as few of your calls as you need. Your messages can be sent by email or txt and calls can also be transferred to you if you request. Most callers never realize that they have come through to a virtual reception service as we aim to be as professional and courteous as if we were sat in your front office greeting clients.

Our technology allows the virtual receptionist to quickly identify calls for your company and answer them exactly as you require. Online prompts guide our UK based operators on how the call should be handled, what details to collect from the caller, what to tell the caller, who can be transferred and to where, or which calls should be sent as emails or txt messages.

Adding that "special touch" to all you callers

All of receptionists have access to your website and any other notes provided by you, and as they deal with your calls every day it means that they can speak to callers with the professionalism and company knowledge that you require. Many of our clients call/email us on a daily or weekly basis to let us know their movements so that our operators really can work as part of your team.

We offer all new enquiries a 30 day free trial of our services- click here to apply online now or call us on 0845 122 6564


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