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Explaining How a Virtual Receptionist Service Operates.

30th July 2010:

Rather than employ a full-time member of staff or additional staff, many companies choose the benefits of using a virtual receptionist service. Many smaller trades have learnt that they don't need to pay a permanent receptionist to answer their calls and are instead outsourcing many or all of their inbound calls.

The vast majority of clients using a virtual receptionist opt to redirect their calls to the service. Most services will give every client an exclusive telephone number that they divert to, in this way the operators are able to distinguish which company is using the service and answer appropriately. By redirecting calls to this unique number instead of offering the number out directly means that the client is permanently in command of the calls coming in. They may opt to divert all calls, calls when their line is engaged or simply redirect when they wish- for example during meetings.

The process of redirecting calls in most instances is straightforward and generally only calls for the client to dial in a brief code into their phone followed by their unique virtual reception number. This way when a customer of the company calls they still call the companies phone number as usual, the phonecall is then diverted at the small clients end to a virtual receptionist, this is all done instantly and the caller should never know that the call has been redirected.

Not all clients wish to redirect their calls, some actually give their exclusive virtual reception number out straight to would be callers. This method is particularly popular with lots of internet based businesses which may be little more than a single person organizing their company from home in their spare-time, in fact many may have another 9 to 5 job. In this circumstance the operators are generally directed to inform customers that callbacks won't be until after normal office hours.

When a call comes through to the virtual receptionist, she is guided on screen on how to handle the phonecall. She will answer the caller as requested by the client and can send a message via email or SMS (txt message) or both. Alternatively many companies use such services as if they were an in-house receptionist and when appropriate transfer calls through to their landline or mobile phone.

However the operator handles with the caller whether they take a message or transfer the call through, the same impression of a larger, more professional business is given to the customer calling.

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